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Month: February 2016

Greenfield Cresent

The new Edgbaston Village


Plans for the new Edgbaston Village are well underway, as planning permission has been granted to Calthorpe Estates to create six brand new retail units, premier student apartments and Grade A offices on Greenfield Crescent. As well as this, just around the corner, on Harborne Road, works will soon commence on properties opposite Morrisons supermarket to convert them into luxury one and two bedroom rental apartments, and the Birmingham Medical Institute Conference centre will be being transformed into an attractive new restaurant and wine bar called The Physician.

If you check out the Edgbaston Village website, you can see an artist’s impressions of what the new retail units on Greenfield Crescent and Harborne Road will look like. The units will be available from Autumn 2016, and are anticipated to welcome even more visitors to the area, which is already home to many charming bars and eateries such as El Borracho de Oro (exquisite Spanish restaurant and tapas bar), The Edgbaston Boutique Hotel and Cocktail Lounge and The Blue Piano, which serves an enchanting mixture of Thai food and live jazz music – played on an actual blue piano by guest musicians.

At Davidson Estates, we’re already ecstatic to be able to call Edgbaston home, and we’re super excited for things to come. With so many improvements having taken place in the city recently, we can’t wait to see what more Edgbaston has to offer us.

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Fully managed, or let only?


According to a survey carried out by Romans Property Group in January 2015, 75% of people would prefer to rent an agent-managed property.

In the residential lettings game, there are many types of landlords out there. Some prefer to leave their property in the hands of their local estate agent, while others would much rather keep a closer eye on things and manage the property themselves, appointing contractors they already know and trust for any maintenance issues that crop up.

The majority of landlords (on our books anyway) have entrusted their favourite estate agent to look after their property, find them good tenants and collect their rent every month, and then manage the property throughout the tenancy, taking care of maintenance, cleaning and inventory reports. This service is obviously offered for a small percentage of the monthly rent, and allows the owner to enjoy their investment, hassle free. This does appear to be favoured by many tenants as well as landlords, being as there will usually be one point of contact for them at the agency who is dedicated to looking after move-ins, move-outs and everything in between, not to mention a middle-man between themselves and the landlord, someone who knows what they’re talking about, should disputes ever arise. However, some landlords prefer to have a much more hands-on approach with their properties, and will happily roll up their sleeves and fix any maintenance issues themselves. These, the more attentive landlords, will usually always maintain their property to a high standard in order to achieve the kind of rental prices they desire. So, in these cases, your home is sure to be well looked after.

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Top 10 tips for buyers


Searching for a property to buy can be a lengthy and stressful process. After all, you are buying your next home, of course you want everything about it to be perfect! There are numerous important questions to ask when viewing a house.

Well, in the hope that we can help you buying your dream home, we’ve listed our top 10 things to check when you’re viewing:

  1. Check for any damp on the walls. – obvious reasons.
  2. Check for any condensation on the windows – there could be an insulation problem, as well as danger of a damp problem to follow.
  3. Check how much space there is available for storage – will you have enough space for your belongings?
  4. Watch out for staging – don’t be fooled by cleverly placed mirrors, good smells, strategic lighting, cosy fires etc. Apparently, some owners even go as far as to borrow their neighbours’ pets to make the home seem more like “home”!
  5. Make sure you note which way the house faces, or even find out before you view it. If you’re a sun lover, you’re more than likely looking for a south-facing garden. Don’t settle for south-east, you don’t want to be unhappy with your purchase.
  6. Cracked window panes – check for these and check that the double glazing is intact. This could tell you a lot about how energy efficient the property is.
  7. Check that there are enough power points – if there aren’t enough, this will obviously be an extra cost you’ll face on top of the existing costs for any renovations you may want to carry out.
  8. Check that the plumbing is up to scratch – turn on a tap and see what the water pressure is like.
  9. Check what the surrounding area is like – speak to the current owners of the property if they’re present at the viewing. Other than that, your estate agent will have plenty of knowledge of the area.
  10. Finally, make sure to clarify what fixtures and fittings are included in the sale. You don’t want to come to the end of the sale and find that those light fittings you loved in the living room aren’t included because the owners bought them to replace the original ones!

Following the above guidelines should ensure a perfect sale and that you secure your perfect property. We are, of course, experienced in many property sales, and feel that the point above would help even the most particular of purchasers.