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Less is more


Stuff, organised mess, mementoes …… call it what you want but the truth is, most of us are guilty of having or being surrounded by more things than we can ever use or need, that’s right, we’re hoarders!!!

As a nation we hoard £10billion worth of clothes we never wear and approximately £2.6billion is spent each year on unwanted gifts. Author of ‘keep this toss that’, Jamie Novak says that “the fewer things you keep, the more special they become to you”.

Now we are in the full swing of Spring, I think it’s time to start organising our possessions to make life nice and orderly again. It is a laborious task but here are a few tips which will help you decide what to keep and what to ditch.

  1. One room at a time – the thought of having to reorganise everything can be overwhelming so if you organise one room at a time, this will make the process less daunting.
  2. Clear out your wardrobe – use the 2 year rule, if you’ve not worn the item in 2 years chances are you won’t wear it again.
  3. Never start with sentimental things – you’ll end up spending more time reminiscing about the good old days and getting too emotionally attached to toss it away.
  4. Ditch the ‘rather not used items’ – we often have more than one of something from kitchen utensils to clothes so don’t clog up space and only keep the preferred and most used items.
  5. Money money money – Make some money out of stuff you don’t want by setting up a car boot/ garage sale or even listing it on ebay or gumtree.
  6. Go paperless – so many things are digital nowadays like reading books, cookery books and even photos so save yourself some shelf space and get rid of the hard copies.
    Whilst we’re on the paperless theme, why not use a wipe clean board for messages and notes.
  7. Kids play – Get rid of toys that the kids no longer play with, are broken or not 100% intact. Rotate the remaining toys so your kids can play with a few items at a time and store the rest. Bring out the stored items every few months so they look and feel new to your child(ren).
  8. Sweet memories – some things are really hard to get rid of like your first card/ soft toy from your partner or the first picture your child drew for you or toys your parents bought for you. Choose a few items that give you that warm fuzzy feeling and put them in a nice box or tie it with a ribbon as a keep sake. You can take pictures of the other items you are getting rid of so the memories will still be there.
  9. Charity starts at home – if you’re not making the most out of some items, you could donate unwanted/ unused items to charity. It’ll free up storage space at home and make you feel good that your gesture has made a difference in someone’s life.
  10. Be ruthless – when deliberating over an item, ask yourself the following: Why am I keeping it? Where will I store it? Will I remember I have it and will I be able to find it again? Will I ever use it again?
  11. See it through – once you’ve deciding to get rid of an item, get it out the house asap so you won’t have second thoughts.



Fabrick Square

Davidson Estates adds the finishing touches


Davidson Estates are now offering quality furniture packages to provide a cost effective and hassle free furniture solution to all our clients.

We offer a range of beds, sofas, dining table and chairs in a range of modern colours and styles as well as smaller items like coffee tables and bedside tables.

Our experienced team will deliver and assemble the furniture packs. We will also dress the property to give it that wow factor and homely feel, making it more appealing for potential buyers and tenants.

We’ve had the pleasure of furnishing a couple of new apartments in readiness for rental viewings, here’s a sneak peak Davidson Estates Furniture Packs

For more information or a free quotation, contact us on 0121 455 7727.



happy easter

Hoppy Easter


Having spent hours decorating Easter bonnets with my kids, I was asked why we celebrate with eggs. With the help of my trusty assistant Google, here are some interpretations.

The egg was an ancient symbol of new life and has been associated with festivals celebrating spring. From a Christian perspective, it’s believed the Easter egg represents Jesus’ resurrection as the shell looks dead but there is new life inside waiting to break out.

In the old days, people would dye the eggs red to represent Jesus’ blood, but now chocolate eggs are favoured. I guess after giving up sweet treats for lent we could really do with something chocolaty and sweet.

Another thing we all appreciate Easter for is the long weekend oeuf work (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself). The Beast from the East has been forecast to return this weekend though but hopefully you won’t let the rain and possible snow dampen your Easter celebrations.

Have an ‘Eggcellent’ break everyone and to get your Easter off to a cracking start, here are some jokes that made me chuckle……

Q: How does the Easter bunny keep fit?
A: Egg-xercise

Q: What do you call a bunny with flees?
A: Bugs Bunny

Q: What kind of jewellery does an Easter bunny wear?
A: 24 carrot gold

Q: How do rabbits travel?
A: By Hare-plane

Q: Why did the Easter egg hide?
A: Because he was a chicken



Mother’s Day 11th March 2018


Mothering Sunday dates back to the 1600s in England when it was held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It was originally a day for Christians to visit their ‘mother church’. Nowadays, this day is used to acknowledge and honour our wonderful mothers, whether biological, Step, In-law, grandmother or any maternal figures who play a vital part in our lives.

In a family, the mother’s role has traditionally been to raise the children and take care of household chores. However, the role of mothers in the family home is constantly changing. Mothers are increasingly taking on multiple roles, such as working, looking after the kids and managing the day to day running of the home. They also play the role of a nurse, disciplinarian, chauffer, chef and friend to name a few.

So this Sunday, 11th March 2018, don’t forget to show your mother how much you love and appreciate her. Flowers, breakfast in bed, gifts and cards will suffice but if you really want to go all out here are a few suggestions:

  • Home made/ personalised gifts – put your creativity to the test or upcycle a shop bought item.
  • Create your own story – It’s common to do this for children but why not reflect on your relationship with your mother and put it in writing with full illustrations or family photos.
  • Gift day experience – spa days or jewellery making to the more adventurous experiences like skydiving or bungee jumping, the list is endless.
  • Afternoon Tea with a twist – if it takes more than a scone or two to impress your mum, then try out a themed afternoon tea party such as the ‘Mad as a Hatter’.
  • Special Announcements – call up your local radio station and give your mum a ‘shout out’.

Ready Steady Flip


Pancakes are often associated with Shrove Tuesday, the last day to binge on fatty foods before giving up some of our favourite things for lent. Traditionally, eggs, sugar and milk were not consumed during the fast, so pancakes were made to use up these ingredients before Ash Wednesday to prevent any temptation.

Nowadays, Pancake Day seems to be a bit of a fun tradition in many households, particularly when we can get the kids involved. Flipping pancakes is a tradition dating back to the 1400s and was only done to stop the pancakes from burning. Unless you are skilled enough to flip a pancake without it sticking to the ceiling or falling flat on the floor, flipping pancakes really isn’t necessary.

There are many variations from the flat pancake to the fluffier Scottish and American variety and an endless list of toppings, both sweet and savoury. My favourite is Nutella with bananas, sounds like a sin but it does contain one of the my five a day lol.

If you’re looking for more adventurous flavour combinations or for kid friendly recipes, check out the following links:


TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 25: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appear together at the wheelchair tennis  on day 3 of the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 on September 25, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.  The Games use the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect for the Armed Forces.  (Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)

A Royal Engagement


Prince Harry and his actress girlfriend Meghan Markel are to marry next Spring. The pair met through mutual friends in London last summer and have been dating since. It’s been said that Prince Harry knew she was the one when they met, so fast forward 16 months and here we are with Clarence House making the Royal announcement.

Prince Harry, fifth in line to the throne has been my favourite royal for some time. He has a playful and bubbly personality and many of his ‘bad boy’ antics are so relatable to us common folks. It comes as no surprise that his bride to be doesn’t follow the typical aristocratic path.

Meghan brings something different to the Royal family, she is American, bi-racial, a divorcee and an actress. Her humanitarian commitments remind me a lot of Princess Diana and speaks volumes about our future Princess Henry of Windsor. As well as Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada, who campaigns for better education, food and healthcare for children around the world, Meghan is also committed to fighting for gender equality and received a standing ovation for a speech she made on International Women’s Day in 2015.

I am looking forward to watching the royal wedding on tv and hope Prince Harry and Meghan Markel live happily ever after in their castle, I mean Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace.