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It’s December – Christmas movie time!


It’s officially an acceptable time of year to start watching your favourite Christmas movies to get you in the festive mood. Here are our top 10 reasons why we love the run-up to Christmas:

  1. First of all, let’s start with a clear favourite of everyone’s – Love Actually. Because we all actually love love, don’t we? And who doesn’t love a film which tells a bunch of heartstring-tugging love stories all at the same time, the majority of which we can all relate to. You’ve got the cute schoolboy with a huge crush, you’ve got the unrequited love situation (which actually turns out not so unrequited, when she gives him that much needed peace of mind by planting one on his lips), and you’ve got the one where the handsome Prime Minister falls for a member of the household staff, then fires her, then goes knocking the doors of every house in the road she lives in to get her to be his girlfriend. Oh, you’ve never had that?… Well, anyway, this brilliant film just seems to touch so many emotions all at the same time. And the best thing about it is that not all of the tales told are the usual stereotypical love stories, but they still manage to warm our hearts all the same, and remind us that love is always present in one form or another.
  2. It’s A Wonderful Life – what is Christmas without this classic? This one is always high on people’s list of festive favourites, instilling the beauty of humanity in all of us.
  3. Home Alone – just a staple must-watch for every 90s kid at Christmas, this movie brings floods of nostalgia every time.
  4. Elf – Will Ferrell is simply hilarious in everything he does! What a genius. And what better way to fill your heart with that good old Christmas spirit than a grown man who was raised as, and still very much is one of Santa’s elves?
  5. The Holiday – because Jude Law.
  6. The Grinch – because of Jim Carey and the constant energy he brings to every character, not even just this one. And, because the Grinch eventually finds the true meaning of Christmas, AND he gets the girl!
  7. The Muppet Christmas Carol – you can learn a lot of important lessons from this film. Like: don’t be a mean boss! Jim Henson’s adaptation of the 1843 Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol was a great way to bring the story to kids of the 90s.
  8. Miracle On 34th Street – another childhood classic, nostalgic and magical.
  9. The Santa Clause – just imagine if your dad became Santa Clause, wouldn’t it just be the best thing ever!?
  10. Die Hard – we just love this romantic, action-packed heart warmer of a movie.

How warm and fuzzy do you feel right now? Bet you can’t wait to get into your fluffy slippers and whack on a Christmas film when you get back home tonight!

NB: The writer of this blog really loves Loves Actually.