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Tenants do not like cleaning report?


Cleaning is the main cause of tension between landlords and renters at the end of a tenancy, new research has revealed.

A survey carried out by My Property Inventories has revealed 95 per cent of landlords believe their tenants also complain about the cost of cleaning work when their contract has come to an end. Furthermore, some 80 per cent of respondents claimed renters are “lazy” and don’t like cleaning.

Danny Zane, director of My Property Inventories, stated “Cleaning is a great bone of contention between tenants and landlords and remains the biggest cause of deposit disputes (53 per cent). Unfortunately, it is a growing problem and we have seen a sharp rise in cleaning issues over the last 12 months.”

Close to two-thirds of landlords said their tenants do not communicate enough, while half said they believe renters expect too much of them.

One in ten respondents said tenants often try and conceal damage they have caused, while the same number think renters expect repairs to be carried out too quickly. Some four per cent of landlords claimed tenants are slow at letting them know when there are problems with paying their rent.

To overcome these issues, Mr Zane highlighted the importance of creating a detailed inventory at the start of a tenancy and stressed that tenants must be made aware of their responsibilities in regards to cleaning and maintenance.

“Very often, tenants just aren’t aware of the importance of cleaning,” he stated.

Being aware of these landlord gripes is useful information for letting agents, who can ensure they offer a service that takes care of these problems.

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